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Our API platform helps you build FinTech apps in radically less time and at lower cost. SPENDiD provides powerful, off-the-shelf functions to generate demographic models, personalized budgets, plus financial health and lending scores.

You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation here to help you start working with our services quickly, as well as support if you get stuck.

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SPENDiD APIs authenticate using API Keys passed in the x-api-key HTTP header over https protocol.

curl --request POST \
  --url https://api.spendid.io/v1.0/budgets/generate \
  --header 'accept: application/json' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --header 'x-api-key: your_api_key'

Auth errors are returned with HTTP status code 403.

    "message": "Forbidden"

Note: If you receive a 400 Bad Request response, your auth was successful but the request has failed to validate.

  "message": "Invalid request body"


Endpoints may be authorized separately.

API Keys may be authorized for some but not all services.

Confirm with your account administrator which services your key is authorized for if you are having issues accessing individual endpoints.

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